Miaow Miaow (pronounced ‘meou meou’) synonymous with the meaning ‘Wonderful’ in Mandarin, is a leading Malaysian snack food manufacturer. We began from a humble beginning in Batu Pahat as a family distribution business and gradually expanded into large scale manufacturing. Here are a few steps along our way…


1975, brothers and founders Mr Chuang Poh Lim and Mr. Chink Poh Cheng used RM8000 as capital to start the micro-family distribution business which created the ‘Miaow Miaow’ brand.

Over the course of 10 years, our family business gradually moved forward into a diversified entity engaged in different core food businesses including food repackaging, pastries, frozen, snacks and confectionaries distribution which complemented one another.

In mid-1980s, younger brother – Mr. Ch’ng Poh Tee joined the family business and took up the task to helm Miaow Miaow continual development in the field of snacks manufacturing.

1989, Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd was established and our first snacks production facilities covered over 1 acre land mass.

In 1997, financial crisis hits Malaysia. However, with our family pragmatic management style, together we manage to weather through the storm.

1999, a new page is written in Miaow Miaow’s company history as we ventured unto international export markets in the Middle East.

2001, we moved to a new 99,910 sq feet production facilities and upgraded our business operating systems by obtaining ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP certification to meet the competitive landscape of snacks manufacturing.

During 2009 – 2013, our hard work and contributions garnered recognitions from several key Malaysian awards including Top 100 SME, National Mark of Malaysian Brand and the prestigious E50 Awards.

2015, a 43,600sq feet acre new factory plant is in planning to cater for growing exports’ demand.

In 2016, Miaow Miaow embarked on our branding journey, together with a fresh brand image and packaging under the theme of ‘Heart Miaowting Taste’.



Over the years, Miaow Miaow has established itself as one of the leading snack food manufacturer in Malaysia and ‘Miaow Miaow’ is one of Malaysia’s favorite brands in snacks. Our classic puffed snacks series include Miaow Miaow brand Prawn Crackers, Green Pea Snack, Cuttlefish Crackers and Cheese Rings are well-loved by consumers everywhere.

Our line of products extended from time to time as the company gradually develops to cater for growing OEM requests. At the moment, our products range from healthier extrusion snacks, roasting puffed snacks, frying puffed snacks, deep fried pillow snacks and potato chips.

In 2002, Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd was proudly accredited with ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certification, in both our business operating system and in food safety and quality management system.

Today, Miaow Miaow snacks are enjoyed in more than 40 countries worldwide. Yet, we are not resting on our laurels. In line with our company blueprints to develop Miaow Miaow into a global snack food manufacturer, we are determined to expand further to markets in Europe, Africa and United States by targeting 60 countries in Year 2022.

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Continuous product innovation & renovation in manufacturing & distributing of good quality snack food under Miaow Miaow brand to all over the world.


Amid the ever-changing landscape with stiffer competitions, we want to raise in the game and not to be battered down. Hence, we are always on a lookout for innovative products and potential diversifications in order to stay firm in the industry.

Our Passion

Ensure the safety and quality of our finest leisure food.

Result Driven

We are driven to work on selected key areas to accomplish our goals.

Customer Service

To serve our customers better with improved external and internal networks.


Integrity is upheld, you can count on us.


We believe unity is the key to success and therefore we treat our employees as our family.


  1. The company provides a place for all the employees to work, to learn, to contribute and for individual achievement.
  2. The income of each individual employee is determined by the individual himself or herself.
  3. In search of Happiness through co-operation and enthusiasm is the prime goal of our business undertaking.


With more than 30 years of experience in the snack food business, you can count on us that our quality and hygiene are not compromised under any circumstances. Ensuring the quality of our products is our utmost priority and therefore they are conform to the requirements of quality management system (ISO 9001:2015) and food safety standard (HACCP requirements) locally and overseas. Equally important is our research and development segment as we realise product innovation is the key for sustainable growth. The ongoing development also keeps us on our toes to compete with our competitors and to meet our customers’ demands.



ISO 9001 : 2008

ISO 9001 : 2008


Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd garnered recognitions from several key Malaysian awards including Top 100 SME, National Mark of Malaysian Brand and the prestigious E50 Awards.

GOLDEN BULL AWARD 2009 Awarded Outstanding SMEs

ENTERPRISE 50 AWARD 2013 Certificate of Achievement


SME 100 AWARD 2012
Certificate of Achievement